Start of National Prepper’s Day

The movement to declare Septemeber 8, as National Prepper’s Day began in June 2018. It was then when this request to recognize every September 8th from here on after, as National Prepper’s Day was submitted.


This is not a petition. It is a submission for recognition of National Prepper’s Day. The request will be presented to a decision-making board, which will review the information provided to them. Once the review is complete, the board will decide whether the request for recognition of National Prepper’s Day is approved or not. If approved, we will receive notification within six to eight weeks. Should we be disapproved, no notification will be made. So, that means we’ll know within eight-weeks whether National Prepper’s Day is approved.

September 8th is the date chosen for National Prepper’s Day because it is the anniversary of the deadliest natural disaster in the history of the United States of America. That disaster is the Galveston Hurricane of 1900, which killed upwards of 12,000 people and forever changed the path of Texas as focus on business shifted to Houston.

September is also National Preparedness Month, which matches it up well with our, hopefully, to be approved holiday. In addition to National Preparedness Month, September 26th is also National Situational Awareness Day, which really makes September a month loaded with all kind of prepper goodness.

So, now it’s a game of wait and see. Without absolutely any idea of how the process really works internally, the best guess is that the chances of getting approved are probably a coin flip at best. In other words, no one has any clue whether this will pass. What is nice to see through all of the positive feedback from the prepping community. In case no one has said it lately, #PreppersRock! 

Now, we’ll sit back and wait to see what happens. Goodluck!

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